Baptizing the next generation of the O’Malleys.

Good afternoon!

I’m sure the first thing you will notice this week is that the blog looks different.

We have changed the color scheme in order to make the text easier to read. The original, dark background was very good for the photographs but made the printed words more difficult to read. Some people have commented to me that the text is hard to make out, particularly if I post a homily or longer document.

We hope our readers will appreciate the new look and that it will make the blog more user-friendly and easier on the eyes.

With that said, on to my events of the week…

– – –

This past weekend, I traveled to Front Royal, Virginia because Christendom College awarded me an honorary doctorate in humane letters on May 10.


Christendom’s president, Dr. Timothy O’Donnell
presents me with my honorary doctorate

When you are a bishop you always get some of these honorary degrees. I always say, if had I known I was going to get all these honorary degrees, I would not have bothered writing that dissertation!

The college sent me a recording of the ceremony that I want to share with you:



They also honored Ralph McInerny, a professor at the University of Notre Dame. He gave a wonderful keynote address on Catholic universities.


Greeting Prof. McInerny

Christendom College is a small, very strongly Catholic institution founded by a man I knew when I was a young priest in Washington, D.C. — Dr. Warren Carroll. He is still giving lectures there. The school was started by lay people and has the backing of the Diocese of Arlington. The academic program there is very rigorous, providing strong philosophical and theological training.


Chairman of the Christendom Board of Directors, Donna Bethell,
Ralph McInerny, Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, and Father John Heisler


This year’s graduating class at the university was the largest ever — about 97 students. One of the graduates was the daughter of the school’s president, Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, who is an old friend of mine. He has a beautiful family with nine children.

The day before I celebrated the baccalaureate Mass at the college.


With the altar servers and college chaplain
Father John Heisler at the baccalaureate Mass



They also sent the recording of my homily


Their idea has always been to have a small college where they would be able to give a very strong sense of community and spiritual formation to the young people who study there. They have had many vocations come out of that school.

I was very moved by seeing the campus because I remember when they started, there was practically nothing there. They did have a large amount of land because the school is located in the country. Now they have a magnificent library and a beautiful chapel. At the chapel is a fantastic choir that is very professional.


It is a magnificent library



I was very pleased to see how much the college has grown.


I was pleased to meet Sarah Miranda, a sophomore
from Somerville, during my visit

– – –

On Sunday, I returned to Boston for Pentecost and celebrated Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes in Jamaica Plain. Msgr. Charles Bourque is the pastor there. We had confirmations from not only from the parish but from the neighboring parishes — St. Mary of the Angels, St. Thomas Aquinas, Mission Church, Holy family and St. Patrick.



With the pastor, Msgr. Charles Bourque

The church was filled for the bilingual celebration, and the Hispanic choir sang beautifully.


I told the parishioners that the event was such a wonderful coming together — it was the 100th anniversary of their church, around the 2,000th anniversary of the Catholic Church — the Church was born on Pentecost and Mother’s Day.


Pentecost is such a beautiful occasion to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation, which was the outpouring of the Spirit on the young people who were there. It was a very joyful celebration.

– – –

I left for Colorado on Sunday evening to celebrate the baptism of a grandnephew the following day. They named him after me, actually — Seán Thomas O’Malley.

The baptism was held at Ave Maria Parish in Parker, Colorado. I have had many baptisms, first Communions and weddings in that parish where my brother and his wife have lived for many, many years. Most of his children still live in the area, and now we are baptizing the next generation of the O’Malleys.



The area is very beautiful. When my brother went to that town, it was extremely rural. There are still herds of buffalo around the church (which is something you would not see in Boston!) and from my brother’s dining room window you can see Pikes Peak, which was snow-covered while I was there.


The proud parents Melissa and Tom and, of course, little Seán


Seán and Seán

On Tuesday, I visited the friars in Denver, which was very edifying. The great spirit of prayer that they have in their monastery was beautiful, and they have many young, enthusiastic friars. That day I also celebrated Mass in Spanish for the Poor Clare Capuchin sisters, who are Mexican.

I was only there for a day and a half, but the first day was sunny and warm while the second day it snowed (which you would see in Boston!) . It was the day that I was returning, May 13, and also the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

– – –

After I returned, on Wednesday, I spoke at the resource seminar for priests about our campaign for marriage, entitled “The Future Depends on Love.”


The initiative was launched by the four ordinaries of Massachusetts, under the direction of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, on June 22, 2007. Its purpose is to educate about and pray for the vocation of marriage.


I spoke to the priests and other participants and thanked them for being there to learn more about the campaign. Angela and David Franks made a presentation and Kari Collela spoke as well. I also thanked them for the fine work they have done on this initiative.


The Franks with one of the resource books distributed at the meeting


We thank the deacon candidates, their families and the staff and volunteers at the MCC who worked so hard to put the packets together


– – –

Looking back a little, on Saturday April 26 I attended the 18th Annual Friends of Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Gala that took place at the Seaport Hotel in Boston.

This year it was specifically earmarked to recognize the work of the nurses and to raise money for their ongoing formation programs.

Dr. Ralph de la Torre, appointed president and chief executive officer April 2, spoke along with St. Elizabeth’s president Chris O’Connor. A nurse also addressed the crowd and spoke very well.


Our new president of Caritas Christi Healthcare, Dr. Ralph de la Torre
and his wife, Dr. Wing de la Torre

I want to express gratitude for the outstanding contribution of Dr. John Chessare who served with distinction as the interim president of St. Elizabeth’s.


Sister Maria Puleo, Caritas Christi’s senior vice president for mission;
Chris O’Connor and John Chessare


Chatting with Chris O’Connor, chair of the board of trustees,
Kevin Phelan and his wife, Anne


With Maryellen and Kevin Kelley, Kevin Phelan and Chris O’Connor

Until my next post.

In Christ.

Cardinal Seán

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  1. Thank you for taking pity on us “prime of Life” readers. The dark background makes for a striking looking page, but it takes younger eyes to read it for more than a few moments.
    Bless you, and the work you do.

  2. Great job on the new color scheme for the blog. It really does make the reading easier and more colorful pictures to look at.
    Thank you, Cardinal Sean, for sharing your award ceremony with us. I so enjoyed listening to your life story and also the wonderful talk you gave after receiving your award. What a wonderful wit you have…your jokes had me sitting here laughing all by myself at the computer. Loved the parable at the end. Enjoyed the pictures of you with beautiful bay Sean and you looking so proud!

    God Bless You,
    Patty Johnston, Marlborough

  3. Dear cardinal Sean,

    What a fanstastic blog, once again! I really enjoy the part of your blog about that small school in the country. I do agree that the library was amazing! Even the outside of the library caught my eye, but when I saw the inside of it it was terrific! There were so many books. It is very intresting to see that this small school has grown so much over the years. Im sure the students there really enjoy being there and learning about God! Thank you for your wonderful blogs, Cardinal, we enjoy every one of them!


    P.S. What a cute baby you were holding, and it was so funny that you had the same name! Thank you Cardinal!

  4. Hello, this is a 7th grade student from Saint Paul School in Hingham, Massachusetts. I believe that it is great to teach others about how important matrimony is. Divorce is a powerful thing, and should be around in the loving environment you teach use to have. To love someone, is to show that you care and always will care for them now until the end of life. that is why at a wedding you say “until death do we part.” Matrimony is a special way of expressing that form of love to another. The school year is almost over, and we at Saint Paul School in the 7th grade would appreciate a visit from you very much.

    P.S. I love the new color scheme


  5. Dear Cardinal Sean, I think it is great how you are able to profess your faith to the many outward communities that you are around by traveling to many different places and meeting many different people and having fun as I can see within your pictures but also on an more important quest in which is evangelizing and professing the faith of our great Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. I love the new layout! It’s so much easier to read, and the pictures still stand out. My favorite part of the blog would have to be the two pictures of the baby Sean. He is so cute! I also thought it was interesting how there were herds of buffalos around the church! That would be scary. I can’t wait until next week’s blog.

    ~ Hannah, from St. Paul School

  7. HI Cardinal Sean! I liked reading your blog for this week! I really like the change in the background also it is soo much easier to read! I think it is WONDERFUL that you got a honorary degree, you deserve it! I go to St.Paul School. we’ve been reading your blog a lot, you have SUCH a busy schedule!!!!!!

    Your Blog ROCKS!!! 🙂


  8. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    Ok, I know you have been getting millions of compliments on the new website lay out (by the way, I absolutley love it!), so I bet you won’t mind me leaving one more! It is very pretty and it is actually the colors of my school, St. Paul in Hingham MA(blue and white). The baccalaureate mass was very nice. I listened to your homily. First of all, I didn’t imagine your voice that way! But, the homily was very touching and I bet that we can all relate to it (and have a few laughs…). That is so cool you were born on the feast of Saint Peter! I also find him as a wonderful role model.
    Thanks again for another mind-blowing blog entry!

  9. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I am a student that attends St. Paul school in Hingham, Massachusetts. I like the way you have set up your blog, it makes everything easier to read and stand out more. How do you manage to travel so much? I enjoyed reading about your honorary doctrine. I thought the library looked truly beautiful. I look forward to reading your next blog.


  10. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    My name is Johnny and I attend St. Paul’s School in Hingham, Massachusetts. I think that the change of color is great, it makes it a lot easier to read. I really enjoyed this week’s blog. My favorite part was the part about you being able to baptize your greatnephew. I hope that you keep writing these wonderful blogs to share all that you do ever week with all the people. Hope you will make to the South Shore this year. Thanks again for such a wonderful blog!

  11. Hey, it’s Hugh from St.Paul’s school in Hingham. I think that the new design of the blog is wonderful! I think it is much easier to read. I thought it was great that Cardinal Sean was awarded an honorary doctorate. I think he rightly deserves it. I love reading about Cardinal Sean’s life and I can’t wait until next week’s blog!

  12. Right to the point: I find this color scheme better than the previous, anyway, White is not my eyes’ favorite background. I use a soft green (Red 192, Green 220, Blue 192) as background for my tired eyes. On the other hand, the font type and size were better (bigger) before.
    Once again, Thanks God for sharing your daily life with us. It is always inspiring to know about other catholics’ activities and lifestyle around the world.
    La Paz from Nicaragua,

  13. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    First of all I love the new color scheme it is truly easier to read comments by others and to read your blog. I ecspecially liked the part on you and little Sean. I’s wonderful that every little thing you do brings a smile to so many.
    Caroline Sullivan ( student from ST. Paul School)

  14. Cardinal Sean,
    This format is so fresh, and clean looking! It really catches the eye! Being able to baptize your own grandnephew, and he is named after you! You must be greatly appreciated!:) I have never been to a baptism mass before and we read about in our Reiligion Books, but being able to see pictures really completed my questions on what that type of mass looks like. Besides that the baby is adorable!

    Thanks for another great blog!
    7th grade student for St. Paul’s School, Hingham, Ma

  15. Cardinal Sean,
    This format is so fresh, and clean looking! It really catches the eye! You must be greatly appreciated!:) I have never been to a baptism mass before and we read about in our Reiligion Books, but being able to see pictures really completed my questions on what that type of mass looks like. Besides that the baby is adorable!

    Thanks for another great blog!
    7th grade student for St. Paul’s School, Hingham, Ma

  16. Cardinal Sean,
    This is Susie from Saint Paul School in Hingham.
    I really like the new background, I do agree that the text was a little hard to read. That must have been great to baptize your greatnephew and to have him named after you is also honor. Thank you for another great blog!


  17. Thank you, Cardinal Sean for sharing your weekly schedule
    with us.
    The new format is excellent & the photos are very clear,
    espicially you holding your namesake.

    Just a note. Our parish, St.John’s Canton was host to a very
    happy occasion this past Sunday. Fr.James McCune, a former pastor, celebrated his 50th ordination anniversary. Many of his friends, both
    lay & priestly including a bishop! Bishop Thomas from Puerto

  18. I love your website.

    I was wondering if you were going to invoke Canon 763 of Canon Law forbiding Bishop Geoffrey Robinson to speak in your diocese as Cardinal Mahoney did.

    I’m sure you know Bishop Robinson’s views expresssed in his book which the Australian Catholics Bishops have described as “doctrinal difficulties” and that his lecture tour is being promoted by Voice of the Faithful.

    It is a complicated situation, especially in your diocese, and I will pray that you are given an abundance of “the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit” to act on this issue.

  19. Cardinal Sean,
    Thanks for another great blog! I love the new color scheme, and it does make it easier to read! As for the blog, I liked the two recordings. Also I thought it was very cool how you got to Baptize your own family. Once again, thank you for taking time out of your busy life to wrtie this wonderful blog!


  20. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I would like to tell you that I love the new format! Also, it must have been an honor to have your grandnephew named after you. I bet it was great being able to baptize him in a church where you have history to remind you of all the baptisms, First Communions, and weddings you have held there. Once again this was an excellent blog and I appreciate the time you take to write it. I can’t wait until the next one. God bless.

  21. Dear Cardinal Sean,

    I am a studnet that attends Saint Paul School in Hingham, Massachusetts. I really like the new color and format you chose for it, it really looks nice when you are reading it!! It must have been a very good and nice feeling baptizing you grandnephew. The baby is really cute. 🙂 You seem very busy and our school year is almost coming to an end. From my reading and observation, you seem like a very busy man. Well, hopefully we will see you soon!!
    P.S. I can’t wait to read next week’s blog. Hopefully my class will continue reading your blog next year.:)

    🙂 =]

  22. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I am from St. Paul School in Hingham and I enjoy your blog very much. How do you travel so much? I enjoyed reading about the campaign for marriage because the future does depend on love just like it says in the title. Keep up the good work!

  23. Cardinal O’Malley,

    I am one of the CFP students in Cleveland and will be in Boston June 15 and I was wondering if you will be saying mass anywhere during that time?
    Peace Brother!

  24. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    Wow! You have been very busy. There are so many different places that you visit from Christendom Colleges to a Baptism in Colorado. I enjoyed reading about the campaign for marriage the best. The title says it all “The Future Depends on Love.” I believe everyone should love because that will bring peace among our nations. I believe that this campaign should help many marriages in the future. Thanks for writting another interesting blog.

  25. Dear Father Sean,
    I was very shocked to see that you visited Christendom College because it just so happens that my older sister, Nicole Ginski, attended that school! My sister got married by Father Heisler about 3 years ago! My brother-in-law-Joe Ginski, also attended it along with his 2 sisters and his 2 brothers are currently going! I love the school and the people there and I am thinking about going there myself!

  26. I think it is wonderful that so many people attended the 18th Annual Friends of Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Gala. Nurses and Docters deserve recognition for the work they do everyday! By the way, I go to St.Paul School in Hingham and we would really love for you to visit before the school year is over!

  27. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    What an honor to baptize your own family! I would be so proud to have someone name a child after me. I can’t believe that there are buffalo around the church. Your right that isn’t something you would see in Boston! That must have been an amazing view looking out to Pikes Peak! I sure wish I could do that! I really don’t know how you fit all these events ino your week. You could probably fill 4 or 5 scrapbooks, with all the events you have going on in your life. I can’t wait to see next week’s blog!

    Until next week…
    A student from Saint Paul School

  28. Hello it’s Caroline K. from St. Paul School in Hingham, Ma. I just love the new blog format. It is a very nice color scheme and makes the blog more user-friendly. I was very interested in your trip to Denver to baptize your grandnephew, Sean. The pictures of him are adorable! Thank you very much for your blog and I cannot wait until your next post!

  29. The new look is just great your Eminence. I bet I am the only reader reading your blog from Africa. May I ask you to help me pray for peace in my country, the DRC? Thanks, I trust so much the prayers of such a good Shepherd!

  30. Your Eminence,

    It was a good change and nice color scheme.
    Again, thank you for making us a part of your everyday life.
    By the way, we are going to have a Deacon oridnation here in our diocese and one of the ordinandee is one of your brother Franciscan Capuchin Friar, Bro. Joseph Seraphin, from the Our Lady of the Angels Province. Please include him and 5 other in your prayers.
    peace and blessings

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