Even More Pictures From The Padre Pio Celebration & Mass

Good morning.

It’s early morning here in Rome, but, first-thing today, I wanted to share with you even more photos from yesterday’s joyous and holy celebration and Mass. I hope you enjoy them.

Have a wonderful remainder of the weekend.

God Bless,

Cardinal Sen


The procession prior to the Mass….the cover that you see in the Deacon’s hands was quit beautiful.


Preparing to enter the new Padre Pio Church, where the Mass was held.


The long line of concelebrants as we begin to enter the Church.


About to enter the Church.


More of the procession.


I had just entered the Church and I’m starting to approach the altar in this picture.


There were over 10,000 faithful gathered for the Mass.


In front of the altar.


Again, in front of the altar.


The mass has begun. You can see a life-size statue of Padre Pio to my left in this picture.

Here’s a better look at the Padre Pio Statue on the altar.


The altar area with the concelebrants seated in front.


Another view of the Padre Pio statue and the altar area.


Embracing the local Archbishop.



View from the side and back of the altar where I was seated.


Another shot of the Padre Pio statue and the crowd.


Closer look at the altar from the other side.


Early during the Mass.


Concelebrants seated in front of the altar.


This picture gives you a good idea of the size of the crowd. This is only one part of the worship space. This shows only a little area on the left side.


Here’s the view from the back of the Church on the left side, facing the altar.


During the Mass.



This was the view from where Fr. Brian was sitting in the front row.


Picture as I begin my Homily.



During my Homily.





Other views during my Homily.




A close-up of the Padre Pio statue.


Presentation of the gifts.


Celebrating the Mass.


View from behind the altar.




Brother Capuchin receiving Communion.


Padre Pio statue in the background…during Communion.


I was pleased to see so many youngsters and families at the Mass.


More pictures during Communion.




At the conclusion of Mass.


Blessing the faithful after Mass.



I was honored by the ovation I received from my fellow concelebrants and brother Capuchins after the Mass.


I met this very cute little girl and her mother after Mass.


We took several Capuchin “team pictures” after the Mass. The Friars are always warm and fraternal…they always make us feel at home.


I was interviewed by the local media after the Mass.


Our gracious hosts provided a hearty lunch for us right after the Mass.


One last photo with the Friars before I left the Padre Pio Shrine.

14 thoughts on “Even More Pictures From The Padre Pio Celebration & Mass”

  1. Cardinal Sean:

    I was truely impressed with your photos of the New Church of
    Padre Pio. Although, I am very partial to the Old Church, having visited San Giovanni several times, I must admit that the time you spent in doing this certainly paid off. God Bless you.

  2. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    How pleased I am with your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to create it and add to it every week. Being from Fall River I miss your masses at the Chancery chapel and your overall guidance and direction. It’s wonderful to have this opportunity to hear you speak, again, through the written word. I’m still just exploring your time in Rome and San Giovanni Rotundo. In 2001, I was blessed with an opportunity to visit Padre Pio’s Home of 50 years. How wonderful it is to visit it again with your photos and words. Your photos of Vatican City brought me to places, and introduced me to churches I hadn’t seen in Rome. Even beyond the pictures, thank for sharing your stories, your faith, your spirituality and continuing to shepherd to your people, even beyond your archdiocese of Boston. It is so much appreciated. Take care of yourself, Cardianal.
    God Bless, Doris

  3. Dear Cardinal Sean, Wow! If I had become weak in my faith, my journey through your fascinating blog at St. Padre Pio’s Shrine and your Mass would have given me new life in God. thank you and it all was so beautiful. Memories came back to the two or three times I was there in San Giovani and prayed at the tomb of this most interesting mystic. Jeannine

  4. Hi! Cardinal Sean,
    Greeting’s from Attleboro, Ma. — Many thanks for sharing your trip to Rome and the new Padre Pio Church. The pic’s are beautiful!!! And so are you!

  5. Your Eminence,

    What a wonderful blog…thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us. What a great way to share your faith with your flock. I live in Indiana, but learned of your blog from the Rome Forum on TripAdvisor. I’m so glad that I did. It is a blessing to see someone of your stature in our Church really reaching out to the people in this way.

    May God bless you and keep you today and always.

  6. Writing on a strictly architectural level, I think the shrine is a modernist nightmare. Too bad for Saint Pio.

  7. Your Eminence,
    Great blog! So glad to see a churchman at your level take advantage of the possibilities of communication technology.
    But please tell me you have technical help uploading all those photos! What a lot of work that is to upload and caption… (Or maybe you just have a fantastic program to work with?)

  8. Most Revererend Eminence,

    Having came upon your blog, I am delighted with the wonderful pictures that you have posted up with regards to your trip to the Shrine of Padre Pio and to Rome, however, a point of note, I find that the Cross above the Altar at the Padre Pio Shrine, a tad too modernistic for my taste, dnt you agree? Artistically, it does not add much to the pleasure of the eyes and I am confused by the significance of the structures which rather destroys the beauty of the shrine.

  9. Truly magnificent, it was like I was really there with you, Thank you for sharing this, I in turn will share these with many.

  10. Dear Cardinal O’Malley:

    Thanks for keeping us close with you in this Holy journey. I am not a parishioner in your Archdiocese, but I got this news from Zenit, where I got accessed from the battle fields in Afganistan with the U.S. Army.

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Rome with us, and especially with me, a soldier from a very far place of the continent.

    Please keep your distant flocks and all the U.S. men and women in the Armed Forces in your daily prayer!

    May God Bless and Take Great Care of You, Cardinal!

    With respectfullness, Anthony Le

  11. Cardinal Sean, thank you for sharing your trip. Please know that our prayers from Youth Apostles include you and your ministry in all our Masses. Fr. Mike p.s. even Ramonine could not have done better with the pictures.

  12. Thanks for the wonderful posts! (And the almost equally wonderful pictures!) We all hope you will consider keeping up the blog after you get home. Its like having you in our living room…where you’ll always be a very welcome guest!

  13. I found this very interesting. All of the pictures were good and almost make you feel like you are there. This is a great idea.

  14. That is the most beautiful pulpit I have ever seen. And the crucifix with Padre Pio is stunning.

    Cardinal Sen is one I have prayed for, though I am not from Boston, as he shoulders the burden of bringing order and peace back to the Boston Archdiocese. I’m grateful to him for sharing these details of his journey, as I believe he is a gentle soul who truly loves Christ and wishes only to do good.

    May God be with him.

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