Pictures From The Night Services At The Padre Pio Shrine


Our food stop from last night’s long drive. “fatti furbo” means great deal…pizza, warm soda and a cafe.

Our dependable driver Antonio!


It was an impressive gathering of the faithful for the night services.


Thousands of Padre Pio Pilgrims as far as the eye could see.


Cross-bearer at the conclusion of the penance service.


The night services – view from my room.

12 thoughts on “Pictures From The Night Services At The Padre Pio Shrine”

  1. Dear Cardinal Sean, never having been to Rome, and the possibility that I may never get, there makes me want to tell you how much I loved this. Thank you for sharing. Our Peabody MA Rosary group prayed for Fr. Brian while he was in the seminary. I am always happy to see him with you.

  2. Dear Cardinal Sean;

    Just read about your blog in the Houston Chronicle. This is just a quick visit, I will return to read every word you have written.
    God bless you and keep you.

  3. Thank you for your most interesting blog. I would like to travel there but cannot, your pictures are wonderful. May God Bless you for taking the time to share your messages and educate us. I will be a regular viewer of your blogs now. Kansas, USA

  4. Thank you very much for your most interesting blog. I would like to travel to these places but cannot, your pictures are wonderful and I have learned from your sharing your messages. May God Bless you Cardinal Sean for giving of your time to educate us. I will be a regular viewer of yours now. USA, Kansas

  5. I would like to thank you for the time you put into sending these photos…I’m a pilgrim from Scranton area in Pa. and really enjoyed seeing your pilgrimage to Roma and all your beautiful photo’s of your travels. Please know that you are in my prayers. You are a Blessing to all of us here in the states trying to live and do God’s will. Peace and Blessing Always, Gail Marie Lutz Warren Center, Pa.

  6. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    Thank you very much for your blog. Your comments about the Jesu church were so inspiring. I also visited the Jesu church after having completed the Spiritaul Exercises and felt so inspired by the presense of the Lord in the church. Praying before St. Ignatius of Loyola was a very powerful experience.

    The Franciscans have a special place in my heart as I have lived in Romania and there I came in contact with the Daughters of St. Francis of Asisi who work among the poor there.

    I wil pray for you and your mission to present the gospel to the lost and poor. I ask that you pray for my family as we are headed to France for the next four years. i ask especially for your prayers taht we might be able to be witnesses of Christ’s love and repond to the leading of the Holy Spirit and be able to hear what God is calling us to do there.
    Thank you again for your blog.
    Barbara Crawford
    Fairfax, Virginia

  7. Dear Cardinal Sean,

    Thank you for this interesting window into your daily life. Our parishioners (at Sacred Heart in Lexington) have written you so many letters about our lives. It is wonderful to hear more about how you, as our Cardinal, live your faith.

    Our family cluster is looking for reading material to use in a teen discussion group. I have already forwarded a link of your blog to the other parents. I will let you know what develops.

    Yours in Christ,

  8. My heartfelt congratulations to you!
    Im a capuchin here in the philippines and i enjoy seeing you as one of my brother inthe order as you were elevated to the cardinalate.
    i wish and always pray for you that you may always be guided by the holy spirit and pray for you.
    God Bless us.

    Fr. Rally, ofmcap.

  9. Thank you for posting the pictures, the night services look very well attended. How often each day do they hold services there? It seems to be a popular place.

  10. Thanks for this lovely narrative. Its also nice to know that even a prince of the Church can stumble over issues of grammar and spelling!

    This is a wonderful tool, and I hope you will continue it when you return to Boston. It will give you a powerful tool to teach without the damaging filter of the media coverage which normally clouds your message. And I must add that you are a teacher, and a shepherd, who posesses extraordinary gifts.

    God Bless you and your work.

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