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  1. Your Eminience: This is truly stupendous/colosul, I pray it is available to reread/view your phoyographic historical/liturgical blog. I am just starting from the beginning. There is so much to grasp. Being 70* I do not operate at warp speed, never have and probably never will. While never in Boston, I have been to Rome twice. Through you I can experience so much I never had an opportunity for. I look forward to your weekly posts after returning to Boston. Jerry McCabe, Ave Maria Parish, Parker, CO.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful and informative website. It’s a joy to read about your visit to Rome and see the wonderful photos that bring it all to life…..God bless you, Sylvia Klein, Fayetteville, GA

  3. It is good the Cardinal is entering the world of the blog. His travelogue and pictures were fine but like the local diocesan paper and mailings from my NYS Senator, too many pictures of Himself.

    I was reminded of what Padre Pio was about his devotion to confession, the Sacrament of Penance. Reality in today’s Church should comment on the disappearance of this Sacrament so promoted by Padre P. Until preachers confront and talk about issues people will not return to the Church. Here in Albany there is new program Be Church that will bring parishes together to plan for the church of the future? It goes on for over two years. It has much to do with whose churches are to be closed and or combined, though this topic is rarely mentioned.

    Good luck in blogging. This is my blog for today.

    Thanks Cardinal Sean.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to reach out through this blog. I have so enjoyed such a beautiful history lesson and pictures of people, places and things which I most likely will never actually visit. I especially appreciated your lessons on Padre Pio and themes of forgiveness, mercy, prayer, and healing. While these are all “IDEALS” in my life – I do practice them by the grace of God in whatever way is possible. The rest is all a walk of trust (hopefully not presumption). At 71 years old – the effects of betrayals in my own experience of institutional church have changed my “experience” of “church” – but my faith has been a precious gift and that sustains me. Thank you, Cardinal Sean, for the good man and priest that you are and I pray through my rosary for you.
    Mary Del Monte

  5. Thank you for granting many others the opportunity to see a little of what you have seen in Rome and San Giovanni. I have enjoyed the travelogue.

    Ave Maria!

  6. Dear Cardinal, I would love to hear more about the food. Just what is it you have when you say ” I had breakfast or dinner ” Is the food always good. Do you get a chance to try the local wines ?? Do you get to eat out at a little mom and pop kind of place ?? I am enjoying your trip a great deal, best regards, Chris Bodkin

  7. The pictures are really good.

    2 types i especially like; 1 of the paintings showing a light and a conical apearing shape going up to the Lord with people or spirits of those with him or travelling to him in the sides. It reminds me so much of a vision i had when i was younger.
    The 2nd kind i like are the pictures with the traditional robes and crowns being worn, sorry if my vocabulary is incorrect.
    I like the way the people in those robes seem to understand why they are wearing them, with the people in less flamboyant atires understanding their reason for being there. This continues through to the congregation.

    So thanks for the blog.

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey.
    I have just returned from a Pilgrimage to Ireland and Spain organised by St. John of God HealthCare in Australia and it was with a freshness of that experience that I felt I could sense and share some of the joy in your journey.

    warm regards

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